Using different avatars for each user

Hi there, I was wondering if someone has already implemented the usage of different avatars for each user, so they appear randomly, or appear in order of userID. I am quite beginner, the documentation is extensive, but i cannot usually find pieces of code that explain how to use the methods, properties, etc…

I tried to modify the RealtimeAvatarManager Script, but it snaps back to its original form every few minutes, so I believe it is not changable by the users. If it is not, how can I change the “Local Avatar Prefab” serialized field, that now only accepts one avatar? And after that, how do I link the random avatars to the user IDs? Has anyone already achieved this, and how? Could you post some screenshot with a piece of code please?



Just answered your other post over here! Using Different Avatars for every User - #2 by maxweisel