OVR rig hierarchy - where to add scripts

Hi so I’m using the OVR Rig from Oculus integration, with a skinned mesh and bones etc.
I am able to get both players to spawn, but you can only see the animation from the Headset you are using, the other spawned player does not move. I am spawning from a prefab. The voice communication works too…

Where should I put the Realtime View and Realtime Transform scripts? I’ve been experimenting with different places but still no luck…

On the overall rig I have the Realtime transform, Realtime view, and Realtime Avatar (with the head, left-hand right hand, slots linked to the tracking space anchors- and that works.

I put the RT trans form and RT view scripts on the Mesh itself. If I put it on the top of the OVR rig it doesn’t do anything, in fact it glitches because I think the OVR rig doesnt like managing two cameras?

On an OVR rig hierarchy, where should the scripts go?

Thank you!

Ideally you break your rig into two pieces:

  1. The OVR Rig that has the camera + head/hands transforms for the local player only.
  2. A player prefab that has your avatar mesh and stuff on it. Take a look at the XR Avatars + Voice Chat guide on how to set this up and sync the transforms.

Once you’ve got these two pieces, you add a RealtimeAvatarManager instance to the scene and set your player prefab (#2) for it to instantiate for each player. It will automatically copy the transform values from the OVR Rig (#1) to the player prefab that’s instantiated for the local player if you wire up the OVR Rig transforms into the Local Player Root/Head/Hands slots on RealtimeAvatarManager.

This guide goes into more detail here: XR Avatars and Voice Chat | Normcore.


Hi Max thanks, I did those tutorials right at the beginning, and they work great,
I have been able to get both skinned avatars to spawn, and even got both avatars hands to work. Just not the head on the second avatar. I’ve been experimenting with the transform/view scripts on everything (even all the bones) to get it to work. Is there anybody who has?