Game object does not contain a RealtimeView when trying to Destroy object

I’m getting an error while trying to destroy a synced GameObject using the Realtime.Destroy() function.

The GameObject most definitively has a RealtimeView component on its root. Any ideas on what might be causing it?

This used to work until I replaced a component on this prefab. But the component doesn’t interact with any Normcore components in any way. Reverting back that change doesn’t seem to solve the issue either.


Realtime asked to destroy game object, but the game object does not contain a RealtimeView component.
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)
Normal.Realtime.Realtime:Destroy (UnityEngine.GameObject)
MIT.Tool.Tool_QubitCreator:DestroyQubit () (at Assets/_MIT/1_Scripts/Tool/Tools/Tool_QubitCreator.cs:89)

Unity Version 2020.3.3f1
Normcore Version 2

No clue unfortunately. Here’s what the Realtime.Destroy() implementation looks like:

All it’s doing is calling GetComponent<RealtimeView>()


I figured out the issue. A completely unrelated script was changing the instance number for the GameObject that I was trying to destroy causing all sorts of issues.

Glad to hear it!