Cannot add a RealtimeTransform component in the Unity Editor

Adding a RealtimeTransform component in the Unity Editor throws exceptions.

Development Environment:
Unity Version: 2021.2.15f1
Normcore Version: 2.1.11

Deployment/Build platform:

Expected Result:
The RealtimeView component should receive a UUID and show the RealtimeTransform component in the list of components. I should be able to take ownership of the RealtimeTransform at runtime.

Actual Result:
Multiple TypeLoadExceptions stating that the PrefabStageUtility couldn’t be resolved are printed on the console, the RealtimeView doesn’t get configured and I can’t take ownership of the RealtimeTransform.

The bug doesn’t occur when following the same steps with Unity 2020.3.22f1.

The problem could be that Unity changed the PrefabStageUtility namespace from “UnityEditor.Experimental.SceneManagement” to “UnityEditor.SceneManagement” in version 2021.2.
(Docs PrefabStageUtility 2021.1Docs PrefabStageUtility 2021.2)

Exception message:

TypeLoadException: Could not resolve type with token 010000a4 from typeref (expected class 'UnityEditor.Experimental.SceneManagement.PrefabStageUtility' in assembly 'UnityEditor, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null')
Normal.Realtime.RealtimeViewConfiguration.IsPrefabView (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView view) (at <02ed1524393e486ba54d72140066483f>:0)
Normal.Realtime.RealtimeViewConfiguration.IsSceneView (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView view) (at <02ed1524393e486ba54d72140066483f>:0)
Normal.Realtime.RealtimeViewConfiguration.IsRealtimeViewRootSceneView (Normal.Realtime.RealtimeView view) (at <02ed1524393e486ba54d72140066483f>:0)
Normal.Realtime.RealtimeViewEditor.OnInspectorGUI () (at <88e762c2756e4bbd857e841831fd81cb>:0)
UnityEditor.UIElements.InspectorElement+<>c__DisplayClass59_0.<CreateIMGUIInspectorFromEditor>b__0 () (at <fa4830dcb55b4d21a18ffd468621039e>:0)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&)


Steps to Reproduce:

The steps were taken from the documentation of the Realtime API.

  1. Create an empty scene.
  2. Create an empty game object, add a Realtime component to it and configure the app key.
  3. Create a cube object and add a RealtimeTransform component to it.

Thanks for the report! This is a known issue with Unity 2021. I recommend using Unity 2020 for right now.