'Model' already contains a definition for 'variable'

Development Environment:
Macbook Pro 2020 Sonoma 14.3
Unity 2022.3.17f
Normcore 2.1

Simply following the documentation

public partial class LocalTransformModel {
    private Vector3 position;

Get this result

Normal.Realtime.SourceGenerators/Normal.Realtime.SourceGenerators.RealtimeModelSourceGenerator/LocalTransformModel.g.cs(6,32): error CS0102: The type 'LocalTransformModel' already contains a definition for 'position'

Tried restarting Unity, reinstalling Normcore, clearing autogenerated code, changing model name, changing variable name, changing variable type. Nothing works.

Okay interesting, right after I submitted this I got a pop-up to upgrade to 2.9.1 and that fixed the issue

However there seems to be a prefab data issue with the default VR Player in the 2.9.1 package version, specifically to due with the voice / mouth animator script


Make sure your property name starts with an underscore, so in this case you’d want:

private Vector3 _position;