Setting up autohands with normcore

I have read through some conversations about auto hands, but I’m still unclear on how to set it up correctly. The result I get right now is that the avatar gets launched into the air when I connect to multiplayer. I know there are some people here who have already gone through this so I would appreciate some guidance. What is the easiest way to sync the hands animated over the network?

In my last game, I had an xr rig in the scene as a local avatar containing the XR interaction input stuff and then used only the visual normcore avatar to have the parts follow it and had no input reading there at all. I’m assuming it would be something similar I would need to do for auto hand too but I just find it much harder to figure out how to do it. Everything seems very tightly packed together and dependent on that stuff should exist. So for you who already solved this, what did you do?