International Use

Hi everyone, I have been testing out the Normcore server for Unity multiplayer and really happy how easy it has been to setup and run. I have a potential customer who is interested in some of my work and i plan to go to Germany to demonstrate. My plan is to have someone in the UK talking/teaching using Quest 2 to my potential customer in Germany, who will also be wearing a Quest 2. My question is… is there anything different to be taken into account doing as planned? I dont want to go to Germany and fall flat on my face. Thanks in advance to anyone who can spare the time to answer my query.

I am in a similar scenario. We are developing a mockup in Canada, but going to do the presentation in Israel. They have no headsets there, so we are bringing them. The concerns are NAT, firewalls, wireless access, passing UDP.

Here is our plan to test well before we fly in for the demo:
(1) Create a simple non-VR game: The Normcore “creating player controller” example.
(2) Target android devices.
(3) Have someone onsite load this onto their Android phone
(4) The test with them from Canada to Israel.

Testing Latency will probably be subjective. See if people can avoid being collided.

As far as servers and latency go, you’ll be fine. Normcore is running in all of the major regions around the world. That said, you definitely want to make sure they’re running on a network that doesn’t block UDP or have a ton of packet loss. @DonnyC62’s solution of making a simple test app for them to run first is a great idea.


Thanks for the replies, DonnyC62 seems like a good belt and braces approach and i will definitely explore that option. Also good to hear maxweisel that here are no technical reasons why it shouldn’t work. I was a little concerned that i would discover one of those great ‘gotcha’ moments on site, without a paddle as they say. I hope your demo goes OK DonnyC62.