WebGL version roadmap

Hello! I’m new to Normcore, I started looking at the SDK and it looks exciting!
I’m a long time Unity developer and I’ve been working with Photon PUN/Voice for VR games in the past. I have just signed as a contractor for a project where I need to deliver a multiplayer experience, up to 16 players per room, with voice chat, on WebGL desktop and mobile. Since I can’t do that with Photon Voice, I’m looking at other options and I have read that normcore WebGL was in development and could be a potential solution.

Is there an ETA on the availability of normcore on WebGL?

Normcore WebGL is currently in beta, but it requires a new set of servers that we’ve created for specifically Normcore v3. Unfortunately, this means Normcore Private is required to use Normcore WebGL as we have to host a copy of the Normcore v3 servers for you.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA on when Normcore v3 will be released, but depending on your budget, you can get Normcore Private and start using Normcore WebGL today! Use our contact form here to get in touch about pricing: https://normcore.io/contact