Change scene and take other players together

Hi, can I bring other players togheter when I change from one scene to another?

Good question! There are a few ways to implement this.

  1. The first is to include a Realtime + RealtimeAvatarVoice component in the new scene and have everyone connect to a fresh room for that scene. This is the easiest to implement, but as you can imagine, you’ll have a break in voice chat while the scene load occurs.

  2. A slightly more complicated approach is to keep your Realtime + RealtimeAvatarManager in a scene that stays loaded at all times, and then additively load/unload your game scenes. This will keep Realtime and your avatars around and active while you load in and out of scenes. I typically recommend this approach because you can also keep a custom RealtimeComponent/model in that root scene that keeps track of which scene is loaded, which makes it easier for folks who join late.


Thanks Max, but How can I load an additive scene without leave the main scene?

I’m a little late with this reply, but for reference for anyone who finds this thread, this is the API you’ll want to use: Unity - Scripting API: SceneManagement.LoadSceneMode.Additive