A player controls all players

I cant keep players actions local , a players movements influences everyones on the server

Development Environment:
Unity Version - 2020.3.28f1
Normcore Version v2

Deployment/Build platform:

If building for VR/AR, please let us know the devices being used.

Expected Result: each player can move freely without another player controlling them

Actual Result:a player can control all people , ive read the documention but its not helping with the latest version of normcore

Steps to Reproduce:

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Check out the Making It Multiplayer section of the Player Controller guide. It covers how you’re supposed to handle input so it doesn’t control all players.


Yes i followed the documentation step by step . I can get it working with the example scene but the problem is i cannot get it working in my project. I want to get this multiplayer system working with invectors 3rd person system , its way better then the basic controller normcore comes with.

The player controller example isn’t meant to be a drop-in replacement, it’s meant to be a minimal example on how to network a player controller. it’s intentionally basic so you can understand how it works and apply it to your own system. I recommend taking a look at how it solves this problem and then apply the same concept it to your own controller.