Welcome to the Normcore forum!

Welcome to the Normcore forums!

We hope that this shared community forum will be useful as you learn Normcore and begin to build your applications and features. If you haven’t already, you can also join our Discord server and chat with the community of developers and creators using Normcore in their own projects.

We kindly ask that you keep the following in mind while sharing this space:

→ Please use an appropriate nickname and profile picture that is not explicit, offensive, or otherwise harmful to other users.

→ No hateful, sexist, racist, explicit, NSFW, offensive, culturally-insensitive, or discriminatory content, speech, or interactions will be tolerated. Please be respectful and treat other users kindly.

→ Please refrain from publishing or sharing personal information for your own safety.

→ Please refrain from posting about politics, religion, and other sensitive topics.

→ Please use formatted text blocks whenever possible for posting code, formatted text, or longer blocks of text.

→ You are not permitted to use this forum or forum’s user list for spamming, directly or otherwise, any users or groups on the server.

→ You may not use this forum to harm, threaten, or dox other users.

→ Personal attacks, repeated bad behavior or negative interactions, and breaking of any of these rules will invite administrator intervention and ultimate removal from our forum.

If you feel that any of these rules have been overlooked by a user, you have been harassed, feel unsafe, threatened, or have any other concerns, please reach out to someone on the Normal Team via direct message.

We hope you have a positive experience on our forums and using Normcore!