Im not able to install the NormCore package properly

I have imported the Normcore package and I can see the folders in order as shown in the Get Started document, but the components are missing as the above image.
Any solution, would be of great help, thanks!

This looks potentially like the Normcore UPM package didn’t import correct. Here are a few things that can cause that:

  1. Your project needs to be in a compiling state with no compilation errors before you import Normcore.

  2. If you’ve previously imported Normcore, make sure to remove the NORMCORE Scripting Define Symbol from the list in Player Settings. This will fix compilation errors in the examples until Normcore can add the UPM package and re-add the symbol for you.

If you’ve done both of those things, sometimes simply restarting Unity can fix the issue.

Let me know if that works for you!


Hey thanks for the reply, but the issue still persists.
I have tried the below things in addition to the fixes you mentioned:

  1. Restarted unity
  2. Cleared the Library folder and restarted unity.
  3. Added the normcore dependencies explicitly in manifest.
  4. Imported the package except for the examples and later added it separately.
  5. Uninstalled node, reinstalled the latest version of npm and node.

Nothing seems to resolve the issue…im still facing
Normcore Package Manager: Failed to add normcore package: self signed certificate in certificate chain