How to synchronize the Render Texture in multiplayer?

I learning this "Cube > let the Camera see it> send it to the Render Texture > let the Raw Image receive it "for every player to see it
So I want to Sync the Render Texture ,I saw the Documentation of Synchronizing Custom Data but I still dont get it how to use the model , I don’t know what Data type I should use.

public partial class SyncModel {
    [RealtimeProperty(1, true, true)]
    private RenderTexture _RenderTexture;

Please help

From what I know you can only use primitive data types for your model which are (from google): Boolean, Byte, SByte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Int64, UInt64, IntPtr, UIntPtr, Char, Double, and Single.

I’d probably use a database such as google firebase and sync the full texture object.

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That’s correct, a raw texture is far too much data to synchronize in real time. You’re better off compressing it as a PNG or JPG and uploading to a cloud storage service. Then store the URL in the Normcore datastore.


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Thanks for reply, Is there any guide or video about that?