Faster Room loading times?


I am developing an experience with Normcore, and am finding the room loading times to be a bit slow.

Is there a way to speed the process up, such as starting the room on a dedicated server, or use the paid version of Normcore?

Thank you

Hi alkay,

The Normcore Public plans (Prototype, Pro, and Unlimited) all use the same backend infrastructure, so there’s no difference in room startup or connection times based on the plan itself.

How long are the connection times that you’re seeing? Can you please run a speed test and report back with your results and ping time, as well as which region you’re connecting from?

Dedicated servers are an option on Normcore Private and can be hosted in the regions you choose. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an email : and I’ll be happy to tell you more about Normcore Private!


Thank you Nick.

I am in the UK, I used the Diagnosis Stopwatch when loading rooms. It takes >2 seconds per load for me. My ping is generally around 70mbps.

In the example I am making, I want 9 rooms open at once (think of a 3x3 grid, where your character is in the center tile, able to see into the neighbour rooms). These >2 second loads are really obvious at runtime. I notice it takes less time, when the room has already been created, so having it hosted already sounds like a good solution.

Using a Coroutine, looping through all rooms to load, as when trying to load multiple rooms at once, it presents log errors. This means your environment is loaded in a staggered fashion.

I may drop you an email about Normcore Private soon. :+1: