How to implement Multiroom?

Hi, I am working on a project, where the user should be able to connect to multiple rooms at once. Rooms can be disconnected from, when they are too far away. When a new area is reached, Realtime components that represent areas that are now some distance away are disconnected, and areas that are closer with Realtime components are connected to.

The purpose of this approach, is that if we are in a large space, only nearby players are loaded in, while other players are unaffected by other clients and their actions.

The spaces are procedurally generated, so are not setup in editor.

In order to do this, I am creating Realtime components at runtime on the Player. These components are then removed when an area is too far away.

This implmentation causes quite a lot of lag when going from room to room, and I suspect that it is a clunky way of achieving my goal.

It is my understanding that Multiroom use is a feature of Normcore, and I would really appreciate some advise on how to best utilise Normcore for Multiroom networked experiences. The examples in the Normcore package do not contain examples of Multiroom usage, nor can I find an online tutorial using Mutliroom.

Thank you.

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